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American Computer Expeditors and Nordic Computer Expeditors are pleased to announce our association with the Digital Partnership to bridge the digital divide.

What's the digital divide?

Simply put, "the digital divide" means that between countries and between different groups of people within countries, there is a wide division between those who have access to information and communications technology and are using it effectively, and those who don't.

Since information and communications technologies (ICTs) are increasingly becoming a foundation of our societies and economies, the digital divide means that the "information have-nots" are denied the option to participate in new ICT jobs, in e-government, in ICTs improved healthcare, and in ICT enhanced education.

More often than not, the "information have-nots" are in developing countries, and in disadvantaged groups within countries. To the Computer Expeditors group, the digital divide is thus a lost opportunity -- the opportunity for the information "have-nots" to use ICTs to improve their lives. for more information on the digital partnership please click on the link below.

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